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Select a "For Sale" home; we purchase it, & Lease it to you! That SimplE!!


If you choose to own, we help you take a giant step in the ownership of your selected home! If not, keep renting! 

First - Understand Our Program

Our Lease with Right to Purchase Program.

Updated information since video was published:

  • Fico Score is now a min of 575 not 525.
  • Minimum Household income is now $45,000 annually not $50,000 annually.

Want to see if you qualify and then apply? 

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second - proceed with three simply action steps...



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Sign your lease and move in

third - get to know us - Welcome to "Rent 2 Own Orlando"


Experience is Everything

We have the experience and the system to best benefit your real estate needs. The Terry's have decades of experience in the Florida Real Estate Market working with buyers and tenants. We love to make home renting and buying dreams come true.  

Len and Donna Terry 

Rent 2 Own Orlando (Serving the Greater Orlando and Tampa Markets)

Is your time limited? Want the bottom line of this program, and find out whose who?


The Right Logical Price, Always

Are our monthly rental prices a bit higher than "rental home" prices? Yes, of course; you are renting a "for sale" home not a rental property that has been rented repeatedly with little attention to maintenance. As you know, the less investors spend on their investment homes, the more profit they make. That is why most "rental" homes are in less than optimal condition to put it politely. The homes we offer in our program must meet the requirements and scrutiny of home purchasers, so naturally they will be in pristine condition.


A Brief Summary of Our Program:

We work with people like you who are seeking a fair Rental or Rent to Own program.  Home Partners of America's Lease with a Right to Purchase Program allows a prospect to find a home that they would like to rent from us initially, but may also like to buy within the next five years. We believe that there are many households who may be thinking about buying a home, but for whatever reason would like to rent at the current time. You can lease the home for up to five one-year terms, depending on the state, and you may purchase the home from us at any time at a predetermined price. The specific name of our program is "Lease with a Right to Own" but the tenant is not committed to purchasing the home, that's the beauty of our program. People who choose this program, select a home of their dreams, not from rental lists but from multiple listing homes that are "for sale." The home is purchased for them by our investors and Leased with a right to purchase to the applicant. Later, when the tenant/future purchaser is ready to purchase, they close on their home at the predetermined price that was set before they moved into their home as a tenant. You'll love this program! 

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Trust our Knowledge, Background and Actions



Leonard Terry, Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker (BK 3000273) has successfully passed Home Partners of America's  Certification course and is therefore very knowledgable on Home Partners of America's  Lease with a Right to Purchase program. Since he lives in a home in the HPA program, he has personal insight into the interworkings of the program as a customer.


Leonard (Len) and Donna have been Florida licensed real estate professionals in Central Florida for over 3 decades working with buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, developers and construction companies. The Terry's own Rent 2 Own Orlando which has been very successful since its inception promoting HPA's ingenious marketing program.


As stated above, the Terry's live in a Home Partners of America home and are in the program themselves. They feel that actions speaks louder than words and that there is no better way to understand a program then to "live it." They know the workings of the program from a consumer standpoint as well as an independent agent for the company.



 We use "2" in our name instead of "to?" Here's why: 

  • A 2-step process for you; "Rent" then "Own."
  • We work 2 primary markets in the United States for Home Partners of America (HPA): Orlando and Tampa Florida.
  • Our unique marketing program combines the marketing strategies of 2 companies: HPA’s "Lease with a Right to Purchase" and a company that purchases homes, readies them for market and leaves them vacant so potential prospects may self-view 7 days per week from the hours of 6am and 9pm.
  • A 2-step process for us receiving financial compensation for our services. First we provide FREE services to you by helping getting you approved; and a FREE service for Home Partners of America (HPA) for finding them prospects for their brilliant "Lease with a Right to Purchase" program: secondly after we are successful, we receive a success fee (commission) from a third party (seller). See below for exactly how, when and from whom we receive compensation. 

2 Reasons Why Vacant Homes are Featured ON THIS WEBSITE:

  1. To give prospests a "taste" of some homes that are available in our program. We feature these vacant homes for viewing 7 days a week from 6am to 9pm. To be clear, we market all homes in Home Partners of America (HPA)'s program (occupied or vacant), but we like to feature a marketing stratgy on the "overlap" of HPA's homes and vacant homes as a starting point for our prospects.
  2. Rather to wait for approval from HPA to view homes, a prospect may start viewing our vacant homes immediately. When they have approval and know the monthly rental budget set by HPA, they can begin to search for ALL "For Sale" homes in any and all selected market. 


How, When and from Whom we receive compensation for Our Services to you and HPA:

  • HOW: From receiving a real estate commission from the seller of the home that you rent and possibly purchase through HPA's program.
  • WHEN: At the closing of the transaction between HPA (buyer) and the seller just prior to you moving into your chosen home.
  • WHOM: The seller of the home. Again, HPA and you pay us NOTHING for our time, services and expenses for securing and fulfilling you’re housing needs and the marketing purpose of HPA.

We are NOT motivated for you to select a particular property. As you now know, we get paid a success fee (commission) for finalizing a real estate transaction. This commision is the "seller's portion" of the real estate commission paid by the seller to his listing agency at closing.  It does not make a difference to us which property you choose. Our client is HPA and their client is you. By looking after HPA's interests, we are simultaneously looking out for your best interest. But again, neighter one of you pay us for our services to you; we only get paid by the seller's broker as a share of the sellers real estate commission for selling his home.

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