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3040 Westgate Drive (Open Door)


  • Monthly Estimated Rent $1,640
  • Sq. Ft. 2,029 (4 Beds - 3 Baths)
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36641 Oconee Ave (Open Door)


  • Monthly Estimated Rent $1,910
  • Sq Ft 2,566 (4 Beds -3 Baths)
  • Open Daily - Get Access
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19300 Park Pl Blvd (Open Door)


  • Monthly Estimated Rent $1,890 
  • Sq Ft 2,339 (3 Beds - 3 Baths)
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1930 Cornelia Drive (Open Door)


  • Monthly Estimated Rent $1,440
  • Sq Ft 1,440 (3 Beds - 2 Baths)
  • Open Daily - Get Access
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132 Madrona Dr. (Open Door)


  • Monthly Estimated Rent $1,670
  • Sq Ft 1,887 (3 Beds - 2 Baths)
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The Eustis Area


Eustis is a city in Lake County, Florida, United States. The population was 15,106 at the 2000 census. The Census Bureau estimated the population in 2008 to be 19,129. It is part of the Orlando–Kissimmee–Sanford Metropolitan Statistical Area. Eustis High School is the town's local public high school.

 The Trout Lake Nature Center is a quiet and peaceful place in the little town of Eustis. Staff and volunteers work to educate about, protect and conserve Florida's environment. Trout Lake Nature Center encompasses 230 acres that include a nature center, museum and turtle habitat, surrounded by a network of dog-friendly short trails that meander through a variety of upland and wetland habitats. A boardwalk leads to a covered dock on Trout Lake with the possibility of wildlife viewing. Monthly programs include: * Friday Night Naturalist Speakers Series * Third Saturday Concerts (folk music) * Nature Sprouts for preschoolers * Chair Yoga and other health-related activities * Bird walks and guided hikes. * Special events such as Turtle Day, Lights in the Woods, and more. 


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