Qualifications - Lease with a Right to Purchase

  • Household income: Minimum of $45,000 per year per household. However, the higher your income, the higher the monthly rent you will be qualified for in this program. The $50,000 is a MINIMUM to qualify a family into this program.
  • Credit score: Minimum of 575.
  • Application Fee: Pay a one time application fee of $75.00. Not $75.00 per person like rental applications. $75.00 per family. You may consider as many homes as you like for 90 Days from approval with only one credit check.  All rental companies pull credit for every home you consider renting; ours is a one fee per family for 90 days. Our fee is for credit checks and administrative time for approval. Rent2OwnOrlando does not receive any compensation; it all goes to the company WHO IS GOING TO PURCHASE YOUR CHOSEN HOME AND LEASE IT BACK TO YOU. This fee is for the investors to do their due dilligence on you and all residents over the age of 18 in your household and another detailed review of the property you choose. 
  • History: No active bankruptcies, histories considered: rental, housing, debt and income ratios, employment (self-employed ok) and criminal, all household members over 18 must apply.
  • Required Deposit: Two months rent within 48 hours after a signed purchase agreement between Home Partners of America (purchaser) and the seller of your selected home.
  • Timing: Move in typically 5-6 weeks after application approval, longer if repairs needed, but could be as soon as 4 weeks.
  • Optional Lease with Right to Purchase: If you choose to purchase your rental property you may do so any time with 5 years from lease inception. You must qualify on your own with a 3rd party mortgage company should you choose to purchase the home. HPA has programs to assist you with purchase qualifications. A 60-day notice is required to exercise your Right to Purchase.
  • Cost of Not Purchasing the home: Zero; simply give notice to vacate in accordance with the terms of your lease. Providing no noticable repairs are needed that were caused by you, your two months security deposit will be returned.
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Remember we do not search "homes for rent" in Orlando or Tampa Metro Areas, we help you find your dream home and then create a rent to own option that speeds along the process for you to gain home ownership quickly and safely. If you are relocating into Orlano or Tampa and you are not sure where you want to relocate but you don't want to rent a "Rental Home" then this is the prefect program for you. Or, if you need time to get mortgage qualification but want to move into your dream home now this program is also for you.

If you qualify for the above basic qualifications, click the link below and apply for prequalification. It will cost you nothing to see if you are qualified for our system. If you are qualify and want to formally apply for approval, there will be a $75.00 one time application fee for the whole family. Most rental companies charge $50.00 or more per person over the age of 18 and that is only for one rental property. Multiply that times the number of applications you fill out and that will add up to substantial cost. Our one time fee covers your the entire family and allows you an unlimited number of homes to visit and apply into our program.

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You can do this! Rent to Own with this perfect program will allow you to select a home that you rent until you are ready and able to own. The best part is that you can live in your dream home now while getting ready to purchase and the best part is you will have five years to close. Keep in mind, you are under no obligation to purchase; ever! If your tired of homes for rent or you are moving into an area for employment but want to try out a program until you know you want to settle this program will work perfect for you.