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Tampa is a city on Tampa Bay, along Florida’s Gulf Coast. A major business center, it’s also known for its museums and other cultural offerings. Busch Gardens is an African-themed amusement park with thrill rides and animal-viewing areas. The historic Ybor City neighborhood, developed by Cuban and Spanish cigar-factory workers at the turn of the 20th century, is a dining and nightlife destination. 

Tampa is part of the metropolitan area most commonly referred to as the "Tampa Bay Area". For U.S. Census purposes, Tampa is part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. The four-county area is composed of roughly 3.1 million residents,[4] making it the second largest metropolitan statistical area (MSA) in the state, and the fourth largest in the Southeastern United States, behind Washington, D.C., Miami, and Atlanta.[13] The Greater Tampa Bay area has over 4 million residents and generally includes the Tampa and Sarasota metro areas.

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5023 Barrowe Drive


Est. Rent $2,760/Mo.- Sq. Ft. 2,390 (4 Beds - 3 Baths) Open Daily (6am - 9pm) Qualifications/Apply 

12912 Forest Hills Drive


Est. Rent $2,530/Mo. - Sq. Ft. 2,615 (4 Beds - 3.5 Baths) Open Daily (6am - 9pm) Qualifications/Apply

18117 Kara Court


Est. Rent $2,500/Mo.- Sq. Ft. 3,702 (4 Beds - 2.5 Baths) Open Daily (6am - 9pm) Qualifications/Apply  

4143 Rolling Springs Drive


Est. Rent $2,130/Mo.- Sq. Ft. 1,600 (3 Beds - 2 Baths) Open Daily (6am - 9pm) Qualifications/Apply

13430 Staghorn Road


Est. Rent $2,380/Mo.- Sq. Ft. 2,349 (3 Beds - 3 Baths) Open Daily (6am - 9pm) Qualifications/Apply  

14425 Peperpine Drive


Est. Rent $2,360/Mo.- Sq. Ft. 1,822 (3 Beds - 2 Baths) Open Daily (6am - 9pm) Qualifications/Apply  

14801 Clarendon Drive


Est. Rent $2,810/Mo.- Sq. Ft. 2,417 (4 Beds - 3 Baths) Open Daily (6am - 9pm) Qualifications/Apply  

15902 Woodpost Place


Est. Rent $2,360/Mo.- Sq. Ft. 2,048 (4 Beds - 2.5 Baths) Open Daily (6am - 9pm) Qualifications/Apply  

How and When to View Homes

VACANT HOMES: Simply Go to the home at the address shown above each respective picture. Call the number displayed on the door to gain access. These homes are available for viewing unassisted 7 days per week from 6am to 9pm. Enjoy! 

FOR SALE HOMES: Prior to making appointments for showings of occupied homes you must first apply and be approved. The approval process takes up to one week providing all requested documents are transmitted quickly. Making appointments for viewing homes may be a waste of time and could be very disappointing to find out the home was removed from the market prior to your acceptance into the program. The correct order of this program is to apply for approval, wait until Home Partners of America approves your monthly rental amount then stat your search. Prior to your approval, you may visit any one of our open vacant homes to get familiar with areas and who knows, you may fall in love with one of our vacant homes!

HOWEVER, you may begin searching our website for homes immediately while waiting for approval. Simply choose your market and area and search VACANT or Occupied homes that are perfect for you and your family. Save your favorite homes by Clicking the "heart" shaped button in the upper right-hand corner of any respective home’s page. This will place all your favorite homes into your "favorite portal" on HPA's website. After approval, we then begin viewing your selected homes.


 Prices are subject to change, homes may have been sold or are pending, and some properties may not meet investors criteria for purchase. The homes listed meet the basic qualifications, but certain details which are not necessarily published by the listing agent may disqualify a home, such as the condition, age, HOA qualifications, lot sizes, less than 50% complete subdivisions, etc., to name a few. Please click the link for further details.

Rent 2 Own Orlando has relied on third party websites to gather information contained on this site and therefore is not responsible for the completeness or accuracy of the information. Some properties which appear for sale and approved as Lease with a Right to Purchase on this website, or other sites linked to this site, may subsequently be sold or may no longer be available when official approval is issued. 

We work very hard to keep information accurate and up to dated, however information may change hourly and is very difficult to be 100% accurate and updated every hour of every day. Do not apply for this program with the hopes of specific homes to lease with a right to purchase. Throughout the approval process (5 to 6 weeks from application to move in) the homes hoped for have a very high probability of being sold since they are all "For Sale" houses and are advertised to the world continuously through the web. The correct order of proceeding is to register, apply, get approved then searching for specific homes in area of choice. Doing it any other way would more than likely lead to disappointment and frustration.


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